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Engine Percussion: Low Drums

Engine Percussion: Low Drums

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Massive drums with tight low-end and a lot of punch.

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Mighty drums with a lot of control

This library includes 23 unique drum sounds, made by recording drums in a small space and applying processing to push them in a new direction, while preserving their natural and raw qualities.

The interface allows you to set the microphone mix, as well as panning, pitch, randomization or the ADSR for each drum individually, or for the whole library.

Come up with your own sound

'Engine Percussion: Low Drums' comes with a fully fledged FX section, for the each the close and room microphone, as well as for the whole library.

All samples are also carefully, but heavily denoised, providing you with a library that is ideal for extensive sounddesign.


  • "I absolutely love it. Especially since it's not your big 10 minutes of reverb AIR studios mega taikos ensemble library but a non-hybrid percussion collection that you can blend with other sounds to give it a very focused sound. Amazing work!!"

    - Adam Smetana


For Kontakt

Developed for Kontakt 6.7.1 FULL VERSION
Kontakt Player will not work!

  • About the product

    - 1091 files

    - 1,22 GB uncompressed size
    - Multiple presets

    - 23 unique sounds

    - 31 effects

    - requires the FULL version of Kontakt 6.7.1 or higher! Will not work on "Kontakt Player"